Students Say

Manar speaking to The Iona Community

Living in St Andrews includes participating in student life, enjoying freedom of movement, and getting used to dark, cold winters. Some comments from STEPS students:

Speaking to community groups is part of the STEPS student experience. Our communities are interested in learning more about Palestinian experiences. They often become supporters and this is vital to our future.

Each student shares a university student apartment, which includes two bedrooms, sitting room and kitchen. Knowing how to cook for oneself is an asset. Living among the student population is part of the learning journey.

‘It took me two weeks to get used to not needing an ID card everywhere I went.’

‘Coffee is expensive, and my friends often ask me to join them.’

‘The sun in spring and summer make such a difference.’

‘My roommate and I getting along so well.’

Has STEPS made a difference? Our scholars say:

‘It could not happen without your support.’

From Mohammed, having received a ‘distinction’ for work in the first semester in Optoelectronics. He is from Gaza and study in Scotland was his first time living outside the family home.

‘I just want to thank you all so much for all the efforts and energy you have put into STEPS. The past year has changed my life to the better and I cannot find enough ways to thank you all for it.’

From Manar on earning a First Class award for a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and a ‘distinction’ for dissertation on Syrian refugees in Scotland. She has returned to Ramallah.

Meera, from Gaza, studied for and gained a Masters degree in International Business. She has returned to Gaza and plans to set up her own business in the clothing industry.