STEPS (St Andrews Education for Palestinian Students) was established in January 2011 as an independent charitable Trust to provide maintenance and travel expenses for Palestinian students studying at the University of St Andrews It was awarded charitable status in August 2011. (Charity number: SCO42518)

The principal, Professor Louise Richardson, has agreed that the university will waive the tuition fees for 2 Palestinian postgraduate students per year if STEPS can raise all other expenses, currently a minimum of £10,000 per student.

Achieving an education for Palestinians can be a lengthy and difficult process. Many obstacles are put in their way, including financial hardship, inability to attend classes because of roadblocks and 'crackdowns', shortage of university places and in certain places, the impossibility of returning home after study. Day to day life can be both stressful and dangerous. It often takes up to 10 years of determined study to achieve an undergraduate degree.

By pledging a regular amount each month by standing order you can help young Palestinians progress in their studies so that they are better able to make a difference when they return home. Single donations are also very welcome. We will acknowledge your donation and, if you provide contact details, we will inform you whenever there are STEPS events.

Information on how to apply can be found on the University's site.