About our trustees…

Chris Given-Wilson has been a trustee of STEPS since 2014 and Chair since 2016. He is a former Professor of History at the University of St Andrews and has always a taken a keen interest in the politics of the Middle East, especially the Israeli-Palestinian question. He lives in St Andrews.

Mike Orr is a Teaching Fellow in Education at University of Edinburgh and treasurer of STEPS. He’s been an active supporter of justice for Palestine since a visit to Gaza and the West Bank in 1988.

Ellen Colingsworth is a trustee and Secretary of STEPS. She is committed to improving the life of Palestinians, having lived and worked in the Middle for a number of years after earning a MA in Middle East history.

Busa Cochrane-Muir’s professional background in nursing and public health. Her decision to get involved with STEPS followed years of concern at the continuing conflict in Israel and Palestine, the barriers faced by Palestinians seeking vital services, including education, and her desire to more than just read about them.

Gilbert Ramsay is a lecturer in the Department of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. He has a longstanding personal interest in Palestine, having visited Palestine and Israel on numerous occasions and led two student study trips to the West Bank. He has also worked with the Hebron-based citizen journalism group Palestine Human Rights Defenders.

Iain Whyte is a retired Church of Scotland minister and former Chaplain to the University of St Andrews. He has chaired the Middle East Committee of the development charity Christian Aid, led educational visits to Palestine, and taken part in international groups assisting with the olive harvest on the West Bank. He has been a Trustee of STEPS since 2017

Jill Marshall was drawn to STEPS through a deep sense of injustice suffered by Palestinians. She saw offering a higher education opportunity providing the potential to bring people closer together; at the same time maybe giving some hope in the troubled Occupied Palestinian territories. Jill is an OU graduate and a STEPS trustee since 2011.